AC - SEAL standard

The AC - SEAL is available in standard sizes (refer to standard sizes chart).

The seal is composed of a CREEPING seal lip with a static Viton electrometric ring clamped in a stainless steel case.

The AC - SEAL standard is designed for a maximum pressure of 10 bar.



The AC – SEAL lip set includes a CREEPING lip element plus a Viton static sealing element. AC – SEAL lips are available in any accordance with the AC -SEAL lip engineering data listing. AC – SEAL lips are widely used when a size does not fit our AC – SEAL standard size rang and where pressures above 10 bar are encountered.


AC –SEAL Special

AC - SEAL Specials are used when non-standard seal dimensions are required and in those where more lips to the pressure side or both vacuum and pressure lips are needed.


AC – SEAL Floating Seal Device

The AC – SEAL Floating Seal Device is a customized solute- on for rotating shafts with excessive radial movement.

The principle ensures that the sealing assembly follows any shaft movement.

This is achieved by the flexible connector installed between the shaft seal and the equipment.


AC – SEAL Technical Information


If no special lip material is required TISTAM supplies all AC – SEAL in standard materials.


The temperature range for AC – SEAL is from – 90°C up to 250°C. for temperatures above 200 °C contact Garlock.

Sealing lip

CREEPING – B    Standard material              

CREEPING – W   Special material for pharmaceutical and food applications, conforms to FDA regulations.

CREEPING – F    Special material with good dry- running characteristics and suitable for soft counter– running surfaces       

Case material  

AC – SEAL Standard   Standard material: Standard steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 TI)

AC – SEAL Special      Standard material: Standard steel 1.4571 (AISI 316 TI)

Static sealing element

Fluoroelastomer Standard material

CREEPING Special material for application where improved chemical resistance is required.

Shaft hardness

-          up to 1.5 bar min. 45 HRC

-          above 1.5 bar min. 60 HRC

we recommend to use a plasma coated chrome oxide surface, plunge grinded and PTFE sealed.


-          AC – SEAL Standard     max. 10 bar

-          AC – SEAL Lip               max. 25 bar

-          AC – SEAL Special        max. 25 bar .

The AC – SEAL is also recommended in applications with vacuum. 

Application limitation

The limitation for temperature, pressure and shaft speed, which are given in this catalogue cannot occur simultaneously  

Installation instructions

The lip of AC – SEAL has to be mounted with care.

Prevention of damage is ensured by preparing the shaft as outlined at fig. 1. If the AC – SEAL is assembled in the

Reversed manner it is recommended that a fitting cone is used as shown in fig. 2- The surface of the cone and of the shaft should be polished and free from scoring.


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