Technical Field:

The invention is in the field of energy saving through the use of leaking restraints lined with Teflon in the cylinders and shafts of Hydraulic tools. And equipment the followed method was to use the rubber and the poly urethane in the production of the leaking restraints.


However, they were anti-friction and its friction with tools and the equipment leads to causing a harmful effect.

The invention which is the lining of rubber with Teflon is utilization from the flexibility of the rubber and the strength and softness of the Teflon as well as its high sliding.

 This can be done by the external lining with pressure and heat inside the formation models.


Disclosure the invention

This invention produce flexible and lip seals and  high sliding properties to give the rings a soft flat strength with automatic lubrication so that thinning, corrosion or the resistance of  the metals which deals with the rings cannot be happened and due to easy sliding, it saves a lot of the push power.  


Properties and Types:

Anti-Leaking seal is lined with Teflon and is cut in the shape of  U – letter, V-letter and the square shape. It is lined with Teflon with high sliding, soft and smooth properties. It slides in Hydraulic equipment with the least pushing force. It does not cause any corrosion or wearing away due to friction on the columns or the cylinders.

The Teflon lining is in upper and lower parts. The lining in the upper part includes the sides and the parts subjected to friction while the lining in the part covers the base of the anti-leaking seal which is stuck with the upper lining under pressure and heat in the formation molds.

The general shape for a sector of anti- leaking seal lined with Teflon looks like the mushroom in the shape only.

The internal filling is made of rubber which gives the anti-leaking seal flexibility in work and good reaction in case of compression.

It represents the linking substance between the upper cover and the lower. The rubber filling is made of NBR, VITON, EPDM or silicon.

The ant- leaking seal lined with Teflon can work in the equipment in dry without any liquids, oils or hydraulic liquids. It can work within the atmospheric pressure and gases' pressure.

anti leakage seal Box shape
anti leakage seal Half box shape
anti leakage seal Mushroom shape
anti leakage seal U shape

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