The Kalrez product line has been specifically designed to deliveroutstanding performance in aggressive process environments. Whether it’s resistance to acids, amines, ultra pure de-ionized water, strong bases or high temperatures, by selecting the Kalrez compound that is best suited to a specific application, manufacturers can improve seal performance in their operating environment.

Reduce maintenance costs

Kalrez parts help stretch your mean time between repair (MTBR) and lower your maintenance costs. Their durability minimizes unscheduled downtime while letting you extend time between routine inspections and replacement cycles for critical components. Increase productivity By reducing the frequency of seal changes, repairs and inspect ions,  you can  increase process and equipment uptime for greater productivity and yield.

Increase safety

Increase safety Lasting longer and performing better than other elastomers, Kalrez helps reduce the risk of chemical exposure from seal failure.

Reduce fugitive emissions

Kalrez and Kalrez Valve Stem Packing Systems can help you reduce leaks and fugitive emissions for improved compliance with environmental regulations. Because Kalrez parts maintain their sealing integrity, you reduce your risk of environmental non-conformance.

Purity in food and pharmaceutical

The regulatory requirements of the food and pharmaceuticals  industries require increased awareness and stricter guidelines regarding product safety. Kalrez parts for pharmaceutical applications offer cleanliness and chemical inertness with the resilience of a true elastomer. With its combination of thermal and chemical performance and rubber like sealing ability, Kalrez offers the pharmaceutical industry a new level of protection against contamination and seal failure. Service temperature range up to 327°C  Even after long-term exposure to temperatures  up to 327°C (620°F), Kalrez retains its elasticity  and recovery properties better than other high temperature elas tomers .Its high temperature properties, coupled with near universal chemical resistance, enable Kalrez parts to withstand an extremely broad range of process media.

Maintains sealing force to keep seals tight

Kalrez outperforms other elastomers when it comes to sealing force retention, a measure of seal life. Even under harsh and aggressive conditions, Kalrez will retain its sealing force longer. And thanks to its true-rubber resiliency, Kalrez prevents leaks caused by creep, a major problem with PTFE.

parts exhibit low compression set

maintaining their elastic recovery to maintain tight seals over the long haul. Because Kalrez parts recover better under compression than other perfluoroelastomers, they maintain their shape better under prolonged stress. In addition to providing superior chemical resistance  and  thermal stability,  Kalrez Ultra Pure parts, designed specifically for semiconductor applications, offer lower contamination in reactive plasmas and cleaning gases, improved vacuum-sealing performance and lower out gassing. In addition, Kalrez Ultra Pure parts are manufactured under clean-cell conditions and specially cleaned and double packaged at Class 100 workstations. Kalrez provides long-term reliability in plasma, gas deposition, thermal and “wet” processing applications, such as:

• Etching, ashing, HDPCVD, PECVD

• Diffusion, LPCVD, RTP, lamp annealing

• Wet etching, cleaning, photoresist stripping, copper plating Kalrez

parts specifically developed for the semiconductor industry are available in standard O-ring sizes as well as metric and JIS O-ring sizes.

Sheet stock and custom geometries are available for

die-cut gaskets or custom development.

Kalrez parts are field proven in demanding applications


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Almost 100% improvement in continuous service

VITON  unsatisfactory after three months

Mix of amines and propylene oxide at 40–90°C

Mechanical Seal

Seals are replaced every six months instead of daily PTFE damaged after daily clean-in-place at 80°C

Aggressive solvents, surfactants, and concentrated herbicides from 10–45°C

Mechanical Seal


In any shape you want

• Standard O-rings in AS-568,metric and JIS sizes

• Customized O-rings in various cross-sections and diameters

• Valve seats, diaphragms, gaskets, packer seals, T-seals, column fittings, custom shapes

• Kalrez  KVSP Valve Stem Packing System


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