Carbon seals for steam header seals


Carbon seals for steam head seals (Steam header seals)

The steam header seal, or in more general terms the feeder head seal, represents a special from of Mechanical seal.

When steam, hot or cooling water and thermal oil are fed to rotating rolls and drums, vibrations, Wobbling and oscillatory movements can occur as the rotary motion.

Therefore the design of the feeder head seal must permit certain angular movements.

In most cases, this is achieved through the use of carbon sealing ring having a convex or concave sliding surface.

Feeder head seals, e.g. in the paper and pulp industry, have to run continuously and maintenance-free for long periods of time although the carbon/graphite seal rings are subject to mixed friction, only

Lubricated by steam or even dry running.

Usually the running speed with values of <0.1m/sec is low, the load however can exceed 150 N/cm2 .

Due to the resulting friction heat, the temperature in the sealing gap may exceed the saturation point Of the steam and consequently there will be dry running.

It is therefore recommended to avoid setting the load to high and to accept a slight leakage of the non-toxic steam.

Spring load: 1-3 N/ cm2 


Sealing rings for radial seals

Because of their characteristic properties car-carbon/graphite sealing rings have been successfully used for many years in radial seals, both with rotary and oscillatory motions.

Apart from carbon sealing rings encased in metal, multi-part carbon sealing rings composed of segments are mainly used for radial seals.


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