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PATENT PCT/EG/2005/000023

The design :-

The hydraulic balance calculated in design the 551 mechanical seal, the 551 didn't need steps in shaft or sleeve.

* The 551 design for pressure up to 40 bar, we can make any design used for pressure more then 40 bar.

* The 551 installation with very facility in pump's limited stuffing box, without steps in shaft or sleeve. And 551 tighten with or sleeve directly.

* the 551 enjoy with long length press (approx. length) it equals 200% comparative another similar. These approx. length needs technique men to installation of mechanical seal in pumps, these especially for 551 enjoys similar types

* simple design, hydraulically balanced multi spring mechanical seal that design reductions pressure presses on faces of mechanical seal that to avoid produce temperature or corrosion on faces

Long serve time processing more than another similar as 551 self quench within processing dependent on way centrifugal force and 551 opened vertical for quench.

* the 551 manufactured from material AISI 316L without any thin parts for more safety

* All its parts can be exchangeable, maintenance or renew


Operating conditions of mechanical seal 551

High pressure high temperature


In suction pear pressure up to 20 bar in internal mounted installation, or 5 bar in external mounted installation In loading up to 40 bar in internal mounted installation, or 13 bar in external mounted installation. 

Temperature, the 551 service efficiency in any temperatures :-

Speed :

The 551 service up to 35 meters/second without fatigue as it excluded any thin parts.

Liquids :

The 551 is the best processing used for high temperature in hydrocarbons liquids or heat exchanges liquids in chemical liquids used for refiner.  

Materials of 551:

The 551 is standard and manufactured from materials AIS316L, spring materials Haste alloy C, gasket materials made from Grafoil, rotary seal face material carbon graphite antimony impregnated or silicon carbide, tungsten carbide or alloy stellite


The 551 accept installation on shaft or sleeve directly in horizontal pumps whichever single pump or double pump or vertical processing pumps, it's suitable for one open end or double ends pumps, and also it is suitable for limited stuffing box length.

The 551 mech. seal accepted any seat:

Material, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide or alloy stellite, its also accept any shapes seat standard, CS, DA, din 24960,A and other seats shape.

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